The Garden

G U L Y A S  E D I N A 


I believe that the knowledge of plants is not a question of theoretical interpretation, because the attitude itself leads to understanding the true relationship between man and landscape, a sense of responsibility for the Earth and to carry out healing actions.

I think it is important to understand that the beauty of the landscape that surrounds us is a consequence of how the people who live there maintain it. By treating it and keeping it in order it cannot but give us the benefits of nature around us, while our disinterest and abandonment causes sometimes incurable wounds.


Studio & Orto Botanico

The garden was born in 2015.

It was an abandoned territory, uncultivated, and still very young, but born with the idea of ​​creating a small botanical park with a selection of different breeds of plants originating from Sardinia. The purpose of the garden is biodiversity, thus showing and preserving diversity and making it known to others.

Unfortunately the characteristic of the land and the climate are not suitable for all types of plants: very hot summer with salty winds that come from the sea and that burn the leaves of most plants, the strong mistral that often rages in this territory and high humidity now present throughout the year, with mainly sandy soil have certainly not facilitated our work.

We have about 200 breeds of different plants, and since it is a very young garden and space available, we still have many projects to carry out.

The Garden is organized with themed routes - woodland, ponds, shrubs, medicinal plants, pomegranate cultivation and ornamental plants - in the park the plants are identified by tags with information about the species and the original environment.
Inside the garden there is also a building, with three rooms, one part used as an artistic workshop and one as a library with a small herbarium, and a laboratory for the distillation of medicinal plants and the processing of their derivatives.

For the future we plan to build a skating rink and a greenhouse for tropical plants.
The territory is about 5000 m2.